For both students and teachers, the classroom environment is vital to the learning process. Teachers may not have total control over the room size, wall colors or furniture. However, the room arrangement can influence how students learn. Arranging your classroom environment to promote student ownership of learning and autonomy can truly support your students learning needs and increase your ability to be an instructional facilitator. Through our instructional coaching services, we help you create a classroom environment that uses data to integrate blended learning stations that promote higher-order thinking, self-directed learning, digital learning, and real-world application.

We offer:

  • One on one teacher coaching

  • Small group coaching

  • Professional Development Workshops



Only Life Coaches who have been in the classroom can truly tell you what it's like to leverage your personal challenges with your classroom demands.  

A coaching session can help you to gather the insight and guidance you need to design a life that's in alignment with your life goals inside and outside of the classroom.

Sometimes one coaching session is just enough to provide the insight and guidance you need. But, then there are times when we need ongoing guidance and support to help us navigate through life. Weekly coaching sessions allow us to gradually follow a  gut inspired step by step process to make sustainable life changes.

Our goal is to help you:

  • Listen to your gut instinct 

  • Trust yourself

  • Create a step by step plan 

  • Take Action

Coaching Sessions are available either face to face, via phone.